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Perfect camping Adventure for You Now

From the beginning of the year, many travelers start preparing and organizing their summer holidays. Camping is a very popular mode of accommodation. As evidenced by this info graphic available on, you have the choice between more than 8,000 campsites! The main advantage of this accommodation is mainly the low price of the night, about 15 €. You give you in this article some tips, tips and tricks to help you organize your next camping tent.

Here are some tips for tent camping:

The choice of the tent

It is a crucial choice for the smooth running of your stay. Equip yourself well! From experience, a used tent, not tested for a few years or even decades, is sometimes in a bad state and lets the water through when it rains. The tent is generally a rather basic accommodation, so for a comfortable stay; the ideal is to use a model that has already proven itself in the past. If you are planning to buy a tent model,Youcan recommend Decathlon model 2 and 3 seconds, it is good value for money. Depending on the length of your stay and the size of your luggage, choosing a 3 person tent for example if you travel to 2 allows you to enjoy a much better level of comfort. For the top camping adventures this is essential now.

The choice of the destination

Camping is an interesting way of accommodation; and this option can easily be validated according to the desired destination and the selected travel period. In summer, you can usually go camping all over France (however, be careful in some areas where temperatures drop a lot at night, for example at high altitude). The South of France lends itself particularly well. Camping is also a popular form of accommodation in other countries such as Spain or Italy. You can discover a selection of campsites by Camping-and-co, to give your ideas of nice destinations for your next stay. Location naked, tent or Mobil-Home, there is something for everyone, in different regions.

The list of accessories to take for camping

To make a successful camping trip, there are specific accessories to think about. Floor mats, down, flashlight, cooler it would be a shame to forget them! You recommend you read this article to be sure to take all the necessary: Travel camping – the list of 50 essential accessories.

The installation of the tent

The D-day is a key step to start your stay well and be well installed. You advise you, the day before your trip, to watch a video showing how to mount and dismount the tent (some foldable tents are practical, but how to fold them to store them can sometimes be a bit complicated), it can serve.